Saturday, October 3, 2009

haha Caelan

So as you can tell from the pictures below, Caelan loves popsicles! But don't worry, they are diet, sugar-free popsicles, even the chocolate one. (It's called Skinny cow lol) I told you that we harbored a kind of bad habit in him that if he is around and you are eating then he wants some too. I am trying to capture the moment when the popsicle first goes into his mouth because its freaking hilarious! The sudden realization of extreme cold is so cute. There are more pictures of the Garteschau I have to put up. We had the best time!

I love you!

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Hello all! (Though I am sure the only one that still checks this is Adam) The KMCC is finally completed! Remember when we had the Right Start briefing when we got here and they said it would be done by X-mas 2006 LOL how about late summer of 2009...anywho, man how I wanted to hate it...I wanted to pride myself in never going in, never thinking about it, looking down on people who shopped there exclusively but my mom, being the consumer that she is, said You are taking me to the new BX!!! ( that was last night) and now my feelings toward the KMCC?'s amazing, spectacular, huge and EVERYTHING IS IN ONE SPOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That alone sold me. "What do you say? I can buy beef jerky, a lawn mower, new bed sheets, a plasma TV screen, new draws, and a bottle of Crown Royal IN ONE SPOT?!?!?" (not that any of those things were purchased by me) love yea, I'm an American which = consumer...its a cultural thing, not my fault :P

So I hope you find a job soon and go to wherever it is you are supposed to be going...Caelan prays for his Daddy morning and night so you should be good to go :)

love you and miss you!